Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taiwan Bee Genetics

What's in a Taiwan Bee?

We know for sure it's got some CRS/CBS genes, but some people say it could actually have Tiger genes.  I disagree seeing as a lot of people with just CRS can very rarely find a WR among them.  (Of course, there could have been a tiger shrimp in there, but it's unlikely).   Add onto the fact that TB eggs are blue as opposed to regular brown/red CRS eggs, and they take 4-5 days longer, it's really safe to assume they're a CRS mutation.

Here is a list of all the crosses I've found online and have been verified by breeders.

Regular CRS/CBS crosses (the R means dominant gene, the r is recessive; in this, having an RR will make the shrimp a CBS with no CRS genes,  while having an Rr means it has CRS genes but is still a CBS, and an rr means it's a CRS)

CRS (rr) x CBS (RR) = 100% CBS (Rr)
CRS (rr) x CRS (rr) = 100% CRS (rr)
CBS (Rr) x CBS (Rr) = 75% CBS (Rr) 25% CRS (rr)

Taiwan Bee crosses:  (Measuring a different genotype/phenotype, this Rr isn't the same as with CRS/CBS; an Rr means it possesses TB genes, rr means it's a TB)

TB (rr) x CBS (RR) = 100% CBS (Rr)
CBS (Rr) x CBS (Rr) = 25% CBS (RR) 50% CBS (Rr) 25% TB (rr)
TB (rr) x CBS (Rr) = 50% CBS (Rr) 50% TB (rr)
TB (rr) x TB (rr) = 100% TB (rr)
CBS (RR) x CBS (Rr) = 50% CBS (RR) 50% CBS (Rr)

Very complicated right?  ;)


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