Saturday, May 21, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A startup post & Pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi everyone, my name is Adam. This is the blog I'll be selling shrimps off of as well as blogging about care, pictures (I love pictures), availability, and my findings with the Taiwan bee which I'll be getting soon.  

Until then, I'll be renovating my shrimp room like crazy.   Here are some pictures of my CRS/CBS now. 

When these shrimpies were young; I made them pose for a picture as soon as I got them.

An SSS+ with a crown

Two berried females, an SS hino and an S+ V band (but she's an SS hino on the other side, chimera?)

Same shrimp as above hiding in a big fluffy fissidens "couch"

The big fluffy "couch" the whitish blur is a full grown shrimp for reference

Blurry berried cherry pic

A berried hino

Tummy shot!

Wayyy better tummy shot.  She's carrying a lot of eggs.

Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to field any questions about shrimp, I do know a little about Taiwan bees and will be getting some next week.  ;)


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